Saturday, August 25, 2007

Treedancers Skateboard

So I finished my skateboard! You can see where I went from the original sketch. The bottom of the board has some tree roots on it that are kind of obscured by the bent end of the board. It was painted in glazes of acrylics and some shellac. I tend to use a good bit of shellac I suppose. I think it's an underused medium. If you're in NYC on Thursday August 30, come down to the show at Avenue.A. My friend Rosa's skateboard will be hanging in the show as well. The flyer with all of the details is in a previous post. This skateboard is for sale as well.

Next weekend we're heading off on vacation and I'm bringing my watercolors. Hopefully I'll have some lovely plein air island paintings for you when I get back.

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Runner NYC said...

That is brilliant, Nancy!!