Tuesday, September 18, 2007

St. John view and new art show

We returned from St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands last week. We had a wonderful time on a beautiful island. I painted this small watercolor while sitting on the deck of our house one morning. Our house was called Grandview and you can certainly see why. That's the view overlooking Cruz Bay.

I also have another show coming up on Saturday September 22. The skateboard show that's currently at Avenue.A is moving to the new york-tokyo music festival for the day. It's a big skateboarding and music festival in Central Park.
You can find all the info about the festival here:
You can get tickets here:
You can get $10 off with the promo code: SKATE

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Anonymous said...

Somebody rocks...and I think we know who that somebody is...YOU! That's a really cool picture but I think that there should be some tree dancers in the shape of waves in the middle of the bay and they should be crushing the boats in their limb like wave hands. Figure all that out.

Great little Painting!