Saturday, March 1, 2008

Listen - Abstract horse drawing

This is one of the pieces I recently finished to send to the Grand National Art Show. I focused on the horse's ears. There's so much that a horse tells you with their ears. You know when they're focused on you when you're riding by the way one ear cocks back to check on you. Their ears also show when they're paying far more attention to what's going on outside the ring than to their rider. There's many times when out on trail that my horse has warned me of four-wheelers, dirt bikes, bears and other horses long before I heard them approaching just from the flick of her ears. Horses also display their hostility and aggression when they flatten their ears back. Every horseperson knows to use caution around a horse with their ears back. This piece is called Listen. It was created in pastels and is 18 inches square.

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